The Rolling Stone Tsarnaev Cover

I would like to offer a different viewpoint about the Rolling Stone Tsarnaev cover. If nothing else, the photo shows that terrorists and evil come in all sizes and shapes. They don’t all look like “monsters”. It kind of emphasizes the point that the nice young man next door, or in the next cubicle, or your college roommate, might be a terrorist, or a serial killer. Terrorists do not all look like Bin Laden. I understand and respect the fact that a lot of people are still hurting emotionally as well as physically from the marathon bombings. So am I. But, let’s wait and see what the Rolling Stone article has to say, before passing judgment on them. I understand that their reporter traveled to Tsarnaev’s home country to research the story. It may be interesting. The chain stores that have banned this magazine so far mostly have family oriented news racks, which I applaud them for. It might also be noted that when a “Wanted Photo” is issued by the police ,FBI, or Homeland Security it might be helpful to use a photo (if available) as they actually look, and not a just a photo from surveillance cams or their last mug shot. But, I don’t see why people are not just as outraged over the porn and drug related magazines that are staring them in the face every time they go to into most convenient stores.

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